Sensei Chishala Mukuka

Sensei Chishala Mukuka

3rd Dan in kyokushin karate
represented the zambian national team and is a trainer since 2012
(other sports: kajukenbo, kickboxing, capoeira, ninjitsu, swimming)
Karate is a traditional art of unarmed combat from the ancient japan. Kyokushin (translated „the ultimate truth“) was founded by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama in the year 1964. It is a full contact art which follows the way of budo. The goal is the development and display of ones own personality through self-control and alertness. Body, mind and soul are being harmonized. During training we learn defense and attack techniques and condition power, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination. The philosophy of karate kyokushin is teaching us body control, alertness, discipline, responsibility and mental endurance. We strengthen the trust in our own abilities and power, we learn to accept the pain and find our selfs in a state of inner harmony. OSU!


Quick Information

Kids Start Time End Time
Wednesday 18:00 19:00
Saturday 11:00 12:00
Adults Start Time End Time
Monday 20:30 21:30
Saturday 12:00 13:30



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